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Clever Clever Tools!

Today we have 3 amazing tools on offer, that you don't see advertised every day!

Deal 1 - Loop Turner - You can pay up to $16.95 for these tools! Use for threading elastic through it's channel, turning tubes of fabric inside/out or for threading beads with holes at least 4mm in size - you put the tool through the bead, then catch the cord with the latch and pull back through the bead (perfect for macrame). The tool is 24cm long not including the loop handle. (Value $16.95)

Deal 2 - Scissor or Knitting Needle Keepers - we've had these on before, and sold out immediately! These silicone cones will push onto the ends of your scissors and, besides making them safer for transport, they keep the points of your scissors from being damaged! Large ones are 17mm across with an inner hole of about 5mm. Small ones are 12mm across with an inner hole of about 2.5mm. For knitters, use them to push onto the ends of your knitting - stops you from getting stabbed by the needles when storing, and keeps the work from falling off! Please note, the picture has the reverse colours to the ones you will receive. You receive large in pink, and small in teal. (Value $15).

Deal 3 - Pendant thread cutter in a lovely antique brass colour. Anyone who travels a lot will know the frustration of not being able to take your scissors on the aeroplane! This pendant will solve your problem. The pendant has cut outs all the way around the edge, and within those cut outs is a sharp blade that slices your thread, but won't cut your fingers. Safe to use, and attractive to wear, or you can just pop it into your workbag. And you may like to make a necklace with one for a fellow traveller/crafter as a gift too! Decorative little flowers are on both sides of the pendant that measures about 30mm across and about 45mm long including the loop. (Value $12)

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  • Loop Turner Tool
  • 10 x Silicone Keepers
  • Thread Cutter Pendant
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Take this deal
  • RRP Price $16.95
  • Discount 47%
  • You save $7.95
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Loop Turner Tool 26
10 x Silicone Keepers 16
Thread Cutter Pendant 4
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