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Steampunk Embellishments

Today there are 4 deals on offer, all metal embellishments. Use on jewellery making, papercrafting, cards, or the plaques can go on anything!

Deal 1 - Steampunk Clock with Dragonfly wings perched on top and cogs. This piece measures 4.5cm wide by 3.5cm high and is about 3mm at the thickest part. The design is on one side only, and there are a few holes that you can use for attaching, otherwise glue it into place.

Deal 2 - Steampunk Clock with cogs. This piece measures 3.5cm high by 3cm wide and is a out 2.5mm at the thickest part. Once again, there are holes that you can use for attaching, otherwise plenty of flat space on the back for gluing down.

Dea 3: Handmade plaques x 2. These pieces measure 2cm high by 3cm wide and are about 1mm thick. They are completely flat on the back, but I'm sure you can bend them if you wish. They have lovely flourishy designs etched on them, and a hole either side for attaching, or a flat back for gluing. What a lovely sentiment to add to a project so that everyone knows you have made it, with love …

Deal 4: 25 x Vintage Look Brads. Running this item again, in case you need some brads to match, maybe to act as 'screws' to set things into place. Brads measure about 5mm across, and the spikes underneath are 7mm and 9mm long.

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  • Steampunk Clock w. Dragonfly
  • Steampunk Clock w. Cogs
  • 2 x Handmade Plaques
  • 25 x Vintage Look Brads
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2 x Handmade Plaques 19
25 x Vintage Look Brads 14
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