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Mini Embellishments

Deal 1 - 3D Polymer Shapes. Each set comes in a 6cm wheel to keep them safe.

You receive:

2 x Turtles

4 x Cats

2 x Lady Beetles

6 x Teddies

2 x Strawberries

4 x Decorated Cakes

2 x Slices of Cake with Icing & Strawberries

The 5c piece can give you a visual idea of how small these pieces actually are, and the detail is amazing!

Imagine these in your miniature doll houses, on cards or pages (the backs are flat so you can use a dab of glue), or anywhere that needs a bit of 3D to make your project really pop!

Deal 2 - Studs & Rivets Shapes in a 6cm wheel. This pack is for about 200 pieces in it's own little dispenser. Shapes are gold, silver, black etc with shapes like teardrops, diamonds, hearts, circles, triangles etc. Sizes range from about 2mm to 7mm.

Deal 3 - Mystery Wheels. You receive 2 x 6cm Wheels of finely sliced polymer shapes. We have lots of fruit ones left, so each deal will probably be one wheel with all fruit, which includes watermelon, apple, citrus slices etc. Great for the tops of patty cakes on cards and scrap pages! The other wheel will be randomly packed and may be either bows, flowers, hearts & stars etc. Each wheel has about 120 pieces, so the deal should have around 240 pieces in total.

Choose from
  • 3D Polymer Clay Shapes (24 pcs)
  • Studs & Rivet Shapes (200 pcs)
  • 2 Random Packs (240 pcs)
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Take this deal
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Time Left
available styles and quantity
Style Quantity
3D Polymer Clay Shapes (24 pcs) 11
Studs & Rivet Shapes (200 pcs) 6
2 Random Packs (240 pcs) 11
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