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Glass Files! Virtually never wears out!

These amazing glass nail files are tough and durable, suitable for professional or personal use, and are ideal for natural & acrylic nails. The file has double work sides and will practically last forever. And they leave a soft smooth finish - I find them quite marvellous, and mine has been going for years!

Size(approx): 90mm(L) x 1.5mm(W) x 10mm(H). These are smaller than the ones we had listed back in May, so even handier for carrying around with you!

So what do nail files have to do with craft? Well, besides filing your nails, you can

Use them for some sanding jobs you might have on your projects - around the edges of paper or wood, resin etc

And there are many crafts that catch on dry skin or broken nails! Have you ever been knitting or crocheting and broken a nail? Have you ever been embroidering and had the dry skin on your hands catch on the delicate thread and shred it? You will find that by gently filing the dry skin, it will smooth off using these incredible but gentle files!


Grab a couple for your different work bags, hand bag, beside your chair, and maybe a gift for a friend!

Available in 4 colours

Choose from
  • Yellow File
  • Red File
  • Green File
  • Blue File
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